Communities have been identified as playing a central role in helping develop a more sustainable lifestyle. Reading’s community should create a sense of social belonging for everyone. The collective action created on a community level can help achieve a reduction in Reading’s impact on, and resilience to, climate change.

Beanpole Day 2017 at Caversham Court

Community Theme

This theme looks at the ways to include the whole community in actions to mitigate the impact of climate change in Reading. Whilst major infrastructure decisions and investments will be made by governments and businesses, it is essential that individuals change ideas and actions to reduce environmental impact.

Community Theme – Action Plan

Strategic priorities:

● Build community activity relating to sustainable communities.

● Build community resilience to climate change: collective and individual and self sufficiency.

● Reduce consumption by building a ‘sharing economy’.

● Build an ‘alternative economy’ focused on quality of life and emphasising sustainable communities.