Every Citizen’s choice of transport impacts on climate change as well as on air quality, noise,  road safety and health. Choices are modified by changes in infrastructure and public transport provision.  


Transport Theme

This theme considers how people move around, including ‘active travel’ such as walking and cycling, public transport such as buses and trains and private transport such as cars and vans.  It  reviews the current infrastructure that allows people to travel, how this will cope with the planned development in Reading, and the potential for changes to reduce impacts of travel choices not only on climate change, but also on other aspects of the environment.

  • Additional housing and commercial building proposed for the area will increase traffic congestion, and hence air pollution in parts of the town, unless changes to the transport system encourage more people to use public or active transport.
  • We anticipate wetter winters in the future, a disincentive to get out of the car unless there are better shelters and a regular and reliable timetable for public transport
  • New infrastructure, such as Green Park rail station or new Park and Ride schemes, would encourage use of public transport. 

This chapter and associated action plan sets out measures to help citizens choose more sustainable transport options

Transport Theme — Action Plan

Strategic Priorities

  • Develop and manage a transport infrastructure which supports more low carbon travel options for people in Reading
  • Reduce energy use and embodied energy in transport infrastructure, and reduce the air pollution from vehicles

There are a number of actions behind each of these strategic priorities, which are detailed in the Transport  Theme Action Plan. As progress is made on each of these actions, we will update the content on the website.