About RCAN

The Reading Climate Action Network is a network of people and organisations that are actively trying to improve our town’s response to climate change, and the challenges this brings.

  • At the top of the diagram is the Reading Climate Change Partnership (RCCP) – this board is there to set a strategic direction for the town.
  • On the left is a picture of some solar panels – we own a few of these, and generate a small amount of revenue (from feed-in tariffs), which helps to support our work.
  • On the right-hand-side is a picture of the Reading Climate Change Strategy. This is really import for the town, giving us the actions that we must deliver to tackle climate change.
  • At the bottom is a map of Reading…the biggest town in the country.
  • In the center is the Reading Climate Action Network (ReadingCAN), which is key to link everything together. The more we grow, the more effective we will be.

flow diagram

What is the RCCP? – Interview with Chris Beales (RCCP Chair)

In this second interview with Ayo Sokale, I talk about the Reading Climate Change Partnership (RCCP): who we are, and how we are trying to Get Reading Ready for the challenges of climate change. This website, and the Reading Climate Change Strategy that it hosts, are going to help us to deliver our vision. However, it …

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Please do get involved. As we develop our strategy, we will arrange events which will be a good opportunity to meet people and business that are already part of the network. And you can always contact us: climate.change@reading.gov.uk or on 0118 9374891.


Chris Beales
June 2019