Climate-centred Business – working towards a ‘Circular Economy’

A significant proportion (46%) of the borough’s carbon footprint is attributable to the business sector and therefore commercial organisations, both large and small, are a key focus of this strategy. We hope to engage a range of businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), in the delivery of the strategy through the development of the Reading Climate Action Network.

The effects of climate change are already beginning to be felt in terms of extreme weather events and climate resilience will become an increasingly important aspect of business continuity. Businesses that prepare and adapt will be better equipped to thrive.

Business is also the engine of innovation and can provide the solutions that we need to reduce carbon emissions and protect us from the impacts of climate change. The ‘circular economy’ is at the heart of our strategy. This concept presents a positive vision for the future economy, where clean energy is used to power production, products and materials are re-used, and natural materials that can safely be returned safely to nature are utilised where possible.

Below you can find the business perspective on the individual chapters of the Reading Climate Change Strategy.



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