Climate Change impacts on food security – learning from past shocks

Climate Change and Food Security poster

Dr Jacob Bishop – 25 May 2016

Dr Jacob Bishop of the University of Reading University talked to us about “What is global food security?”:

  • future global food security which will require more than just increasing crop production
  • how global food might security be impacted by climate change
  • extreme weather events using past examples of food security failures as case studies
  • strategies being developed to reduce the impact of climate change on food
  • production and at other levels of food security
  • ideas of what can be done including increasing dietary diversity to reduce reliance on single crops.

photoSee for write up of Jacob’s presentation here (PDF)

Extreme Events and Climate Chanage


Chris Beales – 16 March 2016

A series of ‘climate forums’ kicked off on Wednesday 16 March when Chris Beales, a local hydrologist and climate change specialist, discussed the links between ‘Extreme Events’ – weather events that can dramatically affect our lives, our homes and our communities – and climate change – which is often described by quite modest-sounding increases in global average temperature.

Extreme Events and Climate Change poster
The presentation showed that global and UK average temperatures are rising and are now at their warmest since records began, and the number of Extreme Events is increasing and records for temperature and rainfall are being broken.

Chris said that average temperatures are projected to rise significantly and we can expect to see even more Extreme Events – bigger and more frequent droughts and floods and heatwaves – which we need to prepare for.

Chris commented: “The world has important choices to make: if we significantly cut our use of coal, oil and gas … and meet the targets agreed in the Paris conference in December … we could limit the average rise in temperature to two degrees. Otherwise the climate could change very dramatically and the accompanying Extreme Events are going to be very difficult to deal with!”


To view Chris’ presentation online – with annotated notes – please click here: Extreme Events and Climate Change slides.